The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root word ‘yuj’ meaning to bind, yoke or unite. Yoga, in its most general sense, can be described as holistic, scientific spiritual discipline. The objective of Yoga is the attainment of a state of permanent peace within – peace of mind, purity of body and soul, freedom from fear and all forms of bondage.

Yoga can be performed anywhere. If we have time for exercises, we should practice yoga in the morning or at night. Or anytime that we are able to find some time, even if it is only for 10 minutes. It will still make a positive difference in our daily lives that we should learn to implement every day.

A balanced mind leads to a healthy body. When we practice yoga on a regular basis, the body and mind become better connected. Yoga is not meant to be competitive; it takes the focus off the self and is ultimately a path to self-realization through physical exercises and meditation.


Contractors would highly benefit from yoga. This is because their daily labor is taxing on their body. Regardless of the type of construction or contracting work, it is considered high physical labor. It helps you to relax your mind and body. It allows you to give yourself those few minutes to an hour (however long you choose) to focus on nourishing your mind and body. It also helps to quiet the mind. Overall, it is a very healthy practice and we should all incorporate it in our lives as much as possible. Yoga is also similar to contracting work in some way. There are many different types of yoga poses, stretches, etc. Just as there are different types of work within a trade, such as fence work.

There are fun poses and stretches in yoga to learn. These are some of them.
Seated Forward Bend – With a straight back, bend forward. Try to reach the floor. Bend your knees if you do not touch the floor. Stay in this position for five breaths. One variation is to extend your arms forward. Another variation is to bring your palms together above your head.
Locust Pose – Start on all fours, then extend your knee and raise yourself into the air on either side of your body. Raise your arms in the air as well. Stay in this position for five breaths.
Full Boat Pose – Sit on the floor with legs out. Angle your legs about 45 degrees. Put your feet flat on the floor, then fold over and bring your chin to the knees or ankles. Stay in this position for five breaths. The extended leg will feel stiff at first, but after several repetitions it will get easier.

When it comes to fences, it’s the same, where there are different styles, designs, and materials, etc. A local fence company,, recommends wood fences for homes because of their traditional and classic look that it brings to one’s property. Although it’s crucial to understand the differences of the pros and cons for this fence material. It may be beneficial to some while not beneficial to others. You can find them in several styles from towering wooden palisades to shorter picket fences that skirt around flower beds. There are many kinds of wood available for this kind of fence but teak is one of the most reliable. It’s durable and doesn’t require much maintenance other than an occasional cleaning to remove dirt and grime. You can also use pine or ipé for a similar effect. There are other types of wood which are more expensive due to their higher quality. Cedar wood is also popular amongst many. There are pros and cons to wood, as wood is cheap and appealing but can have issues with bugs, rotting, warped/distortion over time.

Fences made of metal come in a range of designs as well. Metal palisade fences are very popular thanks to their ability to withstand heavy weather. This is the strongest material to have your fence made with. As you would be able to guess, metal is a very strong material to begin with. So they don’t have much issue with wear and tear compared to other material fences. They don’t have issues with bugs like wood fences.

Next there are vinyl fences which are fantastic for privacy. They are a great way to provide privacy and keep your yard safe from people you don’t want in it. They are mostly used for homes and may be a good choice if you don’t want to fence the entire yard, or if you don’t feel the need for a very high fence. Vinyl fences are also available in styles such as picket, lattice or ranch styles.

There are chain link fences but these do not offer privacy because of the openings it has. But the good note about them is this is the cheapest type of fence. Properly installed, they keep children, pets and livestock contained and secure.

So as mentioned above there are similarities that can tie the two topics together. There are many different types of fences as types of yoga forms. There are pros and cons to all. And each are suitable for different situations or desire that one may have to fulfill. Everyone should partake and practice yoga, even contractors. Hope this helps to share some knowledge about yoga and fence contracting work.